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Kategorie: AV-Receiver

Ausstattungsliste: Cambridge Audio Azur 650R

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Technische Daten
HDMI Switching 1.3c, 3 inputs 1 output
Analogue video up-conversion transcode any analogue format upwards to the other analogue formats and to HDMI
HDTV capable via component video or HDMI/DVI
Decoding formats: LPCM, Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital EX, DTS / DTS ES Matrix/Discrete, PLII/PLIIx, DTS Neo:6, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, Multi-channel PCM. All in 5.1/6.1 or 7.1 variants
32-bit DSPs, 24/192 capable DACS
Post processed Dolby / DTS modes (convert 5.1 to 7.1) Post process 5.1 or 6.1 formats with PLIIX or Neo:6 to 7.1
On-Screen Display (OSD) Available via composite video, S-video, component video and HDMI
Separate stereo DAC for left/right from surround channel codec
Audio Inputs: 8 line analogue, tuner (FM/AM), 7.1 analogue input, 5 digital coaxial, 6 digital optical
Video Inputs: 5 composite, 5 s-video, 3 component video, 3 HDMI
Audio Outputs: 7 amplified speaker outputs, 7.1 preamp outputs
Video Outputs: 1 composite, 1 s-video, 1 component video, 1 HDMI
Recording Audio outputs: 2 line level analogue, 2 digital coaxial, 2 digital optical
Recording Video Outputs: 1 composite, 1 s-video
Other Connections 1 1/4" / 6.35mm headphone output, Control bus input/output, 1 IR emitter In, 1 RS232C, 1 IEC type mains inlet
Incognito Ready ™ 2 Incognito keypad outputs (2nd/3rd Zone), 3 IR emitter outputs, 2 composite video outputs (2nd/3rd Zone), 1 external power supply input 24VDC
Audio split mode Watch and listen to different sources
Bi-amp mode Bi-amplify front left/right speakers when in a 5.1 set-up
Full function aluminium face Azur Navigator remote
Ausgangsleistung 7 x 100 watts rms per channel, 8 ohms (all 7 channels driven) 2 x 120 watts rms per channel, 8 ohms (two channels driven)
THD <0.006% @1kHz
Crosstalk <-60dB @ 1kHz
Frequenzbereich 10Hz -20kHz - 1dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB ‘A’ weighted
Audio input impedance/sensitivity 47kOhms/175mV or greater
Digital input impedance: 75ohms (coaxial/SPDIF)
Tone Controls Bass +/-10dB @ 100Hz Treble +/-10dB @ 10Hz
Tuner FM mode / RDS 87.5-108MHz, 75 ohm coaxial aerial AM mode 522-1629Hz, 300 ohm loop aerial
Quiescent power consumption <70w
Standby Power Consumption: <1W
Max. Leistungsaufnahme 1400w
Abmessungen (H x B x T) 150 (inc feet) x 430 x 420 (inc volume knob and speaker terminals) mm (5.9 x 16.9 x 16.5 inches)
Gewicht 15kg (33lbs)
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