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Topthema: Raumakustik verbessern - Schallabsorber einsetzen

Kategorie: Lautsprecher Stereo

Ausstattungsliste: Harbeth Super HL5

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Transducer system 3-way reflex 200mm RADIAL™ bass/mid, 25mm tweeter, and 20mm SuperTweeter
Freq. response 40Hz - 24kHz +/-3dB, free space, 1m with grille on, smooth off-axis response.
Impedance 6 ohms, easy to drive.
Sensitivity 86dB/1W/1m
Amp. suggestion Works with a wide range of amplifiers, ideally from 25W/channel
Power handling 150W programme
Connector Four 4mm gold-plated binding posts for wires or plugs (biwireable)
Dimensions (hxwxd) 638 x 322 x 300mm
Finish Cherry, eucalyptus, rosewood, maple.
Space needs Overall response optimised for use away from walls.
Stands To bring ears level with tweeters: typically 16 - 20 inches.
Weight 17.2kg each, without packing
Packing Single speaker per protective carton