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Topthema: Das gewisse Extra Cocktail Audio X35

In Sachen Funktionsumfang sind die Geräte von Cocktail Audio immer gut aufgestellt. Wenn nun also der X35 als All-in-one-Musiksystem bezeichnet wird, ist dies treffend ausgedrückt.

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Kategorie: Lautsprecher Stereo

Ausstattungsliste: Zu Audio Omen Standard

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Description High effi ciency, high output, direct radiating fl oor standing loudspeaker.
Omen features Zu’s full-range driver (Zu260FRD/G4), Zu-Griewe driver/box/room loading technology, no crossover or fi lters on full-range driver,
complimented by a composite dome time-aligned machined from billet tweeter to provide the acoustic sparkle and resolution from 12kHz and up.
Architecture Zu / orthogonal Scandinavian
Production October 2010
Dimensions H W D 36 x 12 x 12” [92 x 30.5 x 30.5cm] each
Weight 53 pounds [24kg] each
Packaged FlexPak foam encapsulated 44 x 17 x 17” [112 x 43 x 43cm] 60 pounds [27kg] each
Bandwidth 34—25kHz
Efficiency 98dB SPL @ 1W, 1m
Impedance 12Ω, nominal full bandwidth
Acoustic Center 30” [76cm] adjustable via footers and subtle canting of loudspeaker system
Horizontal Listening Window 40°
Vertical Listening Window 40°
Recommend Listening Distance 3 feet [1m] or more
Accepted Connectors via standard 5-way binding posts: 1/4” spade [6.3mm], oversized 5/16” [8mm] spade, bare wire, banana plugs
Internal Cabling ZuMission hookup wire
Power Recommendations 4—12 watt (average room, moderate volume)
12—36 watt (large room, loud listening)
36—200 watt (large room, concert levels)
300 watt (maximum input power)
Amplification Considerations Component anything that sounds good (fl oating load, any amp type or circuit is fi ne)
Component Tolerance better than 1% driver pair matching, 0.1% on all other electrical components
Tweeter Detail 1x Zu APT-L2 tweeter assembly with stainless screen // bandwidth: 12k—25kHz
High-Pass Filter Detail 1st order bessel @ 18kHz (12kHz acoustical) PulseX 1uF + 10Ω 10W R
Full-range Driver Detail 1x Zu260FRD/G4, 10-1/3” full-range driver // bandwidth: 30—12kHz (direct and unfi ltered)
Cabinet North American MDF skinned with real wood veneer
Spike / Feet Insert Thread 3/8–16 TPI, 9/16” hex nut, 14mm wrench can be used
Included With Loudspeaker Pair 2x hard press-on full-range driver covers, installed
8x hard surface stainless ball-end feet / 8x stainless 9/16” [14mm] jam nuts, installed
8x long carpet spikes
1x instruction booklet
Life Expectancy 100 years; cabinet, and drivers, including the Zu 10” drivers; even in direct sunlight
Manufacturers Country Of Origin U.S.A. all parts and labor excluding just a few small parts
Compliances RoHS | WEEE
Warranty & Service 5 years limited on cabinet and drivers—warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, components upstream from the loudspeaker system, modifi cations or non-factory service.
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