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Topthema: Gladen Boxmore Soundpakete für alle BMW

Der Car-HiFi-Spezialist Gladen hat drei Soundpakete geschnürt, die den Klang in jedem BMW bei überschaubarem Installationsaufwand dramatisch verbessern. Soundlösungen für weitere Marken werden in Kürze folgen.

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Kategorie: Lautsprecher Stereo

Ausstattungsliste: Zu Audio Soul Superfly

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Mk.I-B Upgrade Detail Zu nanotech driver is now standard equipment (Zu103ND/G1-16) the same units developed for our Dominance and as used on Defi nition Mk.IV and Mk.III.
It feature our high-output motor assembly, 16 ohm magnetically neutral-hung voice coils and paper-cored nanotech cone.
No other changes are done. Original Soul Superfl y loudspeakers can be fi eld upgraded. Markings for Soul Superfl y Mk.I-B are: REVISION-B nameplate and the engraved model identifi cation on the drivers’ center cone.
Description High-effi ciency, high-output, fl oor-standing loudspeaker featuring our full-range driver (Zu103ND/G1-16) and Zu-Griewe driver/box/room acoustic loading, with no crossover or fi lters on full-range driver,
complimented by a dynamic tweeter featuring phenolic-composite dome and machined 6061-T651 billet lens, providing the acoustic sparkle and resolution from 12kHz and up.
Architecture 2° obelisk but with fl at top
Production August 2012—
Dimensions H W D 38” [96.5cm] tall, 12-9/64” [30.8cm] square base, 9-31/64” [24.1cm] square top
Footprint 12-9/64”square [30.8cm square]
Weight 54 pounds [24kg]
Packaged FlexPak foam encapsulated 44 x 17 x 17” [112 x 43 x 43cm] 60 pounds [27kg]
Bandwidth 30—25kHz
Efficiency 100dB SPL @ 1W/1m
Impedance 16Ω (19Ω Z-weighted, 9.5Ω min @ 250Hz)
Acoustic Center 30” [76cm] with 2° rising splay
Horizontal Listening Window 45°
Vertical Listening Window 45°
Recommend Listening Distance 3 feet [1m] or more
Accepted Connectors via standard Cardas Panted Binding Posts: 1/4” spade [6.3mm], oversized 5/16” [8mm] spade, bare wire
Internal Cabling ZuEventB3-SoulSuperfl y-1A
Power Recommendations 2—8 watt (average room, moderate volume)
8—24 watt (large room, loud listening)
24 watt + (large room, concert levels)
300 watt (maximum input power)
Amplification Considerations Anything that sounds good (any amp type or circuit is fi ne)
Component Tolerance better than 1% driver pair matching, 0.1% on all other electrical components
Tweeter Detail 1x Zu APT-L2 tweeter assembly with stainless screen // bandwidth: 12k—25kHz
High-Pass Filter Detail 1st order bessel @ 18kHz (12kHz acoustical) Mundorf Silver/Oil 1uF + Mills 10Ω 12.5W R, silver/copper/Tefl on leadouts
Full-range Driver Detail 1x Zu103ND/G1-16, 10-1/3” full-range driver // bandwidth: 30—12kHz (direct and unfi ltered)
Cabinet MDF + V81-V1 binder + polyester + QuietCoat + Alexit fi nish or real wood veneer
Spike / Feet Insert Thread 3/8–16 TPI, 9/16” hex nut, 14mm wrench can be used
Included With Loudspeaker Pair 4x hard press-on full-range driver covers, installed
8x hard surface stainless ball-end feet / 8x stainless 9/16” [14mm] jam nuts, installed
8x long carpet spikes, 1x connector cleaning kit, 1x fi nish cleaning cloth, 1x instruction booklet
Life Expectancy 100 years; cabinet, and drivers, including the Zu 10” drivers; even in direct sunlight
Manufacturers Country Of Origin U.S.A. all parts and labor excluding just a few small parts
Compliances CE | RoHS | WEEE
Warranty & Service 5 years limited on cabinet and drivers—warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, components upstream from the loudspeaker system, modifi cations or non-factory service.
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