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Topthema: Pure Eleganz
Topthema: Raumakustik verbessern - Schallabsorber einsetzen

Kategorie: Stereovorstufen

Ausstattungsliste: Absoluta Tersicore


Final stereo


Stereo power amplifier with “infinite slew” current transfer circuit and “quiet overload” protections. the power stage is based on a topology in which the input signal is translated into a current which is amplified and then fed to the load connected to the output.his amplification method allows for the overcome of the typical limitations of voltage amplifiers.


Particularly, it is most effective on high power transient response, due to the absence of the slew effect. The use of the current transfer circuit delivers amazing dynamics, an absolute tonal coherence at all listening levels and an easy match with every kind of speakers.


The Tersicore stereo power amplifier is provided with both balanced and single-ended inputs, the latter with both non-inverting and inverting facility. This allow for easy bridge connection of two monoblocks and absolute phase restoring when using an inverting preamplifier. This feature gives the user the possibility to always listen to the music with its original phase.

Ausstattung & technische Daten
bipolar transistor stereo power amplifier
“infinite slew” current transfer circuit and “quiet overload” protections
ultra-low noise toroidal transformer. Ultrafast, soft recovery rectifiers;
non-inductive fuses for semiconductors
Audio inputs
non-inverting single-ended (RCA), inverting single-ended (RCA), balanced (XLR)
Audio outputs
speaker (binding posts suitable for bananas, spades, lugs)
trigger in (jack 3,5mm, 12VDC-50mA), trigger out (jack 3,5mm, 12VDC-250mAmax.)
Output power
100W @ 8 Ohm, 200W @ 4 Ohm,350W @ 2 Ohm (continuous, 10Hz-300kHz)
Frequency response
5Hz-400kHz (150W @ 8 Ohm, +0/-1dB)
Slew rate
>160V/us (100Vpp @ 8 Ohm)
Signal-to-noise ratio
115dB (linear, ref. 36Vrms out, 20Hz-20kHz)
Harmonic distortion
0,003% (1W @ 8 Ohm)
0,012% (1W@ 8 Ohm, 15kHz + 16kHz)
intrinsic absolute (single-pole circuit)
20x (26dB)
Input impedance
47 kOhm (single-ended), 100 kOhm (balanced)
Power consumption
L cm 37 x H cm 16 x P cm 47
23,5 Kg