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Topthema: Raumakustik verbessern - durch Schallabsorber

Kategorie: Audiokabel digital

Ausstattungsliste: PS Audio AC5

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Getting the power from the wall receptacle to your equipment is a critical link that is often times overlooked.
The AC Series provide a low noise, low impedance path for the AC power to connect your equipment to either a Power Plant AC Regenerator or the wall outlet in your home.
Improvements to both audio and video performance are dramatic.
Construction of the AC5 employs the use of multiple conductor types including hollow core, flat and solid core conductors, plus double outer shields properly terminated at only the male end of the cable.
Linear Crystal Copper (LCC)
10 gauge power cable
Double shielded
Hollow tube conductors for treble performance
Rectangular conductors for midrange performance
Multiple gauge conductors for bass performance
Gold plated connectors
Welded connector to conductor