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Ausstattungsliste: Tannoy CMS 501DC

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Frequency Response (-3dB) (1) BM Back can 85Hz - 50kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB) (1) BM Back can 74Hz - 54kHz
Frequency Range (-10dB) (1) PI Back can 70Hz - 54kHz
System Sensitivity (1W @1m) (2) 89dB (1W = 2.45V for 6 Ohms)
Nominal Coverage Angle 90 degrees conical
Coverage Angle (1kHz to 6kHz) 109 degrees
Directivity Factor (Q) 5.9 averaged 1kHz to 6kHz
Directivity Index (DI) 6.9 averaged 1kHz to 6kHz
Rated Maximum SPL Average: 107dB Peak: 113dB
Power Handling (3) Average: 60W Programme: 120W Peak: 240W
Recommended Amplifier Power 120W @ 8 Ohms
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Transformer Taps (via front rotary switch) 70V: 30W / 15W / 7.5W / 3.75W / OFF & low impedance operation 100V: 30W / 15W / 7.5W / OFF & low impedance operation
Crossover 2kHz - 2nd order LF, 2nd order HF (with dynamic HF protection)
Low Frequency 130mm (5.00") Dual Concentric™ constant directivity driver with multi fibre paper pulp cone
High Frequency 19mm (0.75") titanium dome with neodymium magnet system
Enclosure Back Can: Zinc plated steel Baffle: Reflex loaded UL 94V-0 rated ABS Grille: Steel, with weather resistant coating
Safety Features Safety ring located at rear of enclosure for load bearing safety bond
Clamping Design Min / Max Clamping Range: 8.0mm (0.32") / 29.0mm (1.14") Recommended Clamp Torque: 1.5Nm
Back Can Options Blind Mount (BM): Complete with fixed back can Pre Install (PI): Separate back can for pre installation
Cable Entry Options Cable clamp & squeeze connector for conduit up to 22mm
Conduit Knockouts 3 Sets of horizontal positions: 19 / 22 / 28mm (0.75” / 0.87” / 1.10”)
Connectors Removable locking connector with screw terminals with "loop through" facility
Safety Agency Ratings UL-1480, UL-2043, CE
BM Hole Cutout Diameter 190mm (7.48")
PI Hole Cutout Diameter 190mm (7.48")
Dimensions Bezel diameter: 210mm (8.27") BM model: Front of ceiling to rear of back can 189.50mm (7.46") BM model: Front of ceiling to top of safety loop 206.80mm (8.14")
PI model: Front of ceiling surface to rear of speaker unit 135.60mm (5.34") PI model: Front of accessory back can bezel to top of safety loop 153.50mm (6.04")
Net Weight (ea) CMS501 DC BM: 3.90kg (7.94lbs) CMS501 DC PI: 2.85kg (6.39lbs) PI back can: 2.60kg (5.73lbs)
Included Accessories C Ring Tile bridge Paint mask Cutout template Grille
Optional Accessories Plaster (mud) ring
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ePaper Jahres-Archive, z.B. Car & Hifi
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Topthema: Sound im Audi
Audio System RFIT Audi A6 C8 Evo2 – 20er System für Audi A6

Von Audio System gibt es eine Vielzahl an Nachrüstlautsprechern für Audi. Wir schaffen den Überblick und testen das RFIT Set für den A6 C8.

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