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Kategorie: Vollverstärker

Ausstattungsliste: 47 Lab Shigaraki Amplifier Model 4717


Model 4717 Shigaraki Amplifier incorporates almost the same circuitry as the Gaincard in it`s main unit (right), and comes with a capable 102VA power supply (left) included in the $2250 price. The main unit sports 3 inputs and 1 line out, making it a complete integrated amplifier.

As with the Gaincard, Shigaraki Amplifier has an incredible speaker drivability that belie its 20W power rating. It can drive almost any speaker sufficiently as long as the impedance of the speaker stays over 4 ohms.


Ausstattung & technische Daten
Output Power 20W+20W
Input Impedance 22k ohm
Inputs 3 (RCA)
Line Output 1 (RCA)
main unit 83(w) x 198(d) x 180(h)mm
power supply 148(w) x 177(d) x 125(h) mm