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Kategorie: Plattenspieler

Ausstattungsliste: Bergmann Audio Sleipner

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Technical specifications
Turntable Airbearing design.
Vacuum hold down or clamp.
High precision digital controlled DC motor.
Plinth Outer layer in 12mm Polyvinyl.
Painted and handpolished.
Inner part is a 6 layer sandwich construction, in different materials for optimum resonance control.
Platter/Bearing Aluminium platter supported and centred by air.
Bearing/airsupply creates a thin airfilm, both vertical and horizontal, between platter and bearing - no mechanical noise - no friction.
Platter weight 9,2kg.
Record Mat 21mm, 3 layer construction
2 layers of polycarbonate.
1 layer of acryllic.
Feet Adjustable feet.
Aluminium/ceraball construction.
Dimensions 440 x 495 x 230 (D x W x H).
Total weight 39.8 kg.
Tonearm Linear tracking airbearing tonearm.
Carbon armtube and headshell, moulded in one piece, for optimum stiffness.
Armtube damped inside.
Counter weight decoupled from armtube.
Adjustments: VTA, overhang, leveling.
Wire Internal wire in pure silver.
Clips Silver plated copper.
Connectors ACR, XLR, DIN.
Effective mass 11g.
Motorcontrol High precision digital controlled DC motor, with hallsensor and encoder.
Supported by a very stable and oversized power supply.
33 & 45 rpm.
Finetuning by microprocessor controlled pushbuttons.
Dimensions 440 x 99 x 105 (D x W x H)
Weight 3.6 kg.
Airsupply Lowpressure design.
Silent, clean, dry and smooth airflow.
Easy accessible dust filter, for easy cleaning and replacement.
Dimensions 440 x 226 x 232 (D x W x H)
Weight 17.2 kg.
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