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Kategorie: DVD-Player

Ausstattungsliste: Bladelius Gondul Stereo Edition

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Technical specifications
Level 1 Multi-channel DVD Audio playback
Multi-channel SACD playback (1 bit)
The player is fitted with two Crystal DACs per channel in a balanced differential configuration.
MP3 playback capability
Bass Management
3 Digital Outputs
Fully modular design, allowing upgrade to level 2 and 3
Level 2 An up-sampling circuit gives the customer an ability to choose between 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 kHz. Jitter elimination by asynchronous re-clocking produces, almost, jitter free playback; (0-10 ps).
3 digital inputs (AES/EBW - Toslink - SPDIF)
Level 3 Fully separate conversion for SACD, DVD-Audio and other audio formats. Gondul is here fitted with 4 selected 24 bit PCM 1704-k DACs from Burr-Brown. They are symmetrically configured in a balanced mode.
For SACD-mode; 4 DACs, two per channel in a differential balanced mode (Burr-Brown DSD 1792).
Digital filter DF 1706 handles 192 kHz 24 bit. Sample ratio for DA-conversion 768 kHz 24 bit. Discrete Current/Voltage conversion.
Analog Input Board An analogue input board is available. It will turn Gondul into a complete preamplifier with 1 balanced input (XLR) and 3 single ended inputs (RCA).
VEM (Video Enhancement Module) PureCinema Progressive Scan (2-3 Pulldown)
216 MHz/12 bit VideoDAC for high quality DVD pictures
Twin-wave laser pickup for CD/Video
16 video parameter adjustments with 3 user memories
3 factory video settings (CRT/PDP/Professional)
Special Option An analogue input board gives one pair of balanced inputs and three unbalanced input.
One pair of unbalanced output serves as a "tape monitor" output for analog recordings.
With this option the player turns into a combined Disc player/Digital preamp/Analog preamp which can act as the heart of any ultra high end stereo system.
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