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Kategorie: Lautsprecherkabel

Ausstattungsliste: Xavian Mondiale

Ausstattung & technische Daten
A true high end speaker needs true high end speaker cable.
15 years since the Xavian´s birth, we introduce a true pearl, able to let your Xavian speakers express the music at the highest musical levels.
The Mondiale coaxial speaker cable is completely hand-made in our factory in Kladno, near to Prague.
Teflon and silicon insulation guarantee for the best electrical and chemical parameters: Mondiale shows superlative capacitive and inductive parameters.
Both of the conductors are made of silvered copper: the section of these conductors has been choosen to achieve the best musical performance: harmony is essential in each Xavian product.
Mondiale is deliverred terminated only with original safety WBT Nextgen banana plugs.
Standard cable set lenghts are from 2 x 2 metres up to 2 x 5 metres.
Longer cables may be produced on request.