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Output Specifications
Frequency Response
16 Hz - 240 Hz +/- 3 dB (Deep)
21 Hz - 240 Hz +/- 3 dB (Flat).
Driver Complement
High excursion 13" forward-firing powered driver
Long fiber treated paper cone with oversized inverted dust cap.
High profile double roll NBR surround.
Non-magnetic cast aluminum frame.
60mm, all-aluminum voice coil.
Double-stacked 165 oz Strontium Ferrite magnet structure with twin aluminum shorting rings and undercut carbon steel pole piece. Maximum linear excursion: 38mm.
Maximum peak excursion: 75mm.
Audiophile quality, efficient, cool-running, Class D amplifier.
Power: 1000 watts RMS continuous; 2000 watts peak.
Inputs and Outputs
Stereo Left and Right unbalanced RCA inputs. (The Left unbalanced input is also the unbalanced LFE input.)
Balanced Mono LFE input.
Balanced Loop output (pass-through).
NOTE: To reduce unwanted noise, when the RS13 is powered on, it will detect which audio input is being used, and temporarily disable the other input.
All of the operating controls and status indicators on the Airmotiv RS13 are located on the top panel under a removable, magnetically attached, smoked plastic cover.
Powerful dual-core 48 bit DSP audio processor for optimum precision and flexibility.
Variable Phase control: 0 to -180 degrees.
Variable Level control: -20 dB to +15 dB.
Variable Crossover Frequency control: 40 Hz to 160 Hz.
An extremely effective, totally transparent limiter, which makes it virtually impossible to overload the RS13 or make it sound bad.
User-selectable Bass profiles: Deep profile allows for response flat from 16 Hz to 240 Hz +/- 3 dB. Flat profile introduces a gradual roll-off below 30 Hz (-3 dB at 21 Hz).
User-selectable Crossover Bypass.
User-selectable power mode: Always On Auto-On
Heavy-duty furniture grade acoustically inert HDF cabinet.
Full 50mm thick front baffle, 25mm sidewalls, and extensive internal bracing.
Front-firing low noise contoured slot-loaded port.
Finished on all sides in furniture grade flat black lacquer or a high gloss piano black finish.
Attractive contoured fabric grill, firmly attached by powerful magnets for easy removal.
Environmental and Mechanical
AC Power: Available configured for 120 VAC or 230 VAC operation at 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 17 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 20 inches high. (add one inch to height for feet; add one inch to depth for grill and one inch for connectors)
Weight: 86 lbs. (unboxed).
Permanently attached non-slip rubber feet
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Verlodyne Acoustics Impact X 10

Er gibt die brutalen Bässe ebenso ungerührt wieder, wie er den Hauptlautsprecher sinnvoll unterstützt und entlastet, damit der das komplexe Klanggeschehen sauber abbilden kann. So macht das Freude.

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