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Technical specification
Gain 10 dB
Frequency Response Flat over audio band –3 dB bandwidth 5 Hz – 210 kHz
Inputs 2 sets balanced/RCA selectable inputs
1 MM and 1 MC (or additional RCA line input if phono is not fitted)
Outputs 1 set RCA
1 set balance XLR (EIA “pin 2 hot” studio standard)
Tubes 2x 7308, 6922, E88CC, ECC88, or 6DJ8 twin triodes
Absolute Phase Correct from all inputs to all outputs
THD <0.009% @ 1 kHz, 1 V RMS
Maximum Output < 8 V RMS
Output Impedance > 150 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, static (i.e., not dependent upon feedback)
Maximum Input Infinite signal (attenuation precedes the gain circuitry)
Recommended Output Load > 300 ohms
Power External power supply, detachable umbilical cable, detachable IEC power cord
Voltage May be factory configured for operation at 100, 120, 220, or 230/240 volts
Power Cord Detachable power cord, standard IEC power receptacle
Remote Control included
Illumination Illuminated logo may be switched to bright, dim, or off
Finish Hand-rubbed gold-flake gloss black lacquer with chrome knobs standard.
Hand-rubbed metallic gloss silver lacquer with chrome knobs special order with additional cost.
Dimensions (H x W x D) Audio chassis (not including knobs and connectors): 4" x 18" x 16"
Power supply (not including connectors): 4.3" x 6" x 13"
Shipping Weight 44 lbs.
Phono Stage (optional)
Tubes 3x 12AX7
Gain 44 dB MM
62 or 68 dB MC (switchable on units made after September 1, 2017)
Frequency Response RIAA standard +/- 0.2 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz) -3 dB bandwidth 10 Hz - • 80 kHz
Channel Separation > 77 dB @ 1 kHz
MC Load Impedance selectable, 470, 300, 250, 200, 150, and 100 ohms
Overload 117MV @ 1kHz = 8 volts RMS output; 460MV @ 10kHz
Residual Noise Less than 3MV at output (s/n ratio greater than approx. 69db)
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Topthema: Meters Level Up
7.1-Gaming-Kopfhörer von Meters im Test

Filme, Musik, Gaming, Videokonferenzen – das Headset Meters Level Up mit virtuellem 7.1-Sound ist ein stylischer Allround-Kopfhörer für alle Anwendungen.

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