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ENYO features two pure tube power amplifiers developed from the ground up using our long experience designing tube circuits.
The amplifier is fully differential push pull design with a special cathode feedback ultra linear output stage.
In the design we use custom double C core output transformer of the highest quality and vibration proof military transmission pentodes.
The amplifiers are powered by a classic choke filtered power supply with silicon carbide rectification.
The absence of global feedback contributes to the the exemplary transparency and speed.
The sonic quality is exquisite and it is immediately apparent It is a Thrax product.
In its most basic configuration ENYO could be used as a power amplifier in an existing system.
The amplification modules are fed trough a 4 input fully balanced relay based selector and switched resistor volume control board.
Inputs - 6x digital
1x Network (LAN), 1x COAX (RCA), 1x Toslink, 1x AES (XLR), 1x USB, Bluetooth
- 4x pairs analog
3x RCA (unbalanced), 1x XLR (balanced)
Outputs 2x pairs binding posts
Power supply 115 or 230V
Power consumption 30W
Weight 12 Kg
Dimensions 440W x 480D x 190H mm
Options RIAA module
MM/MC phono preamplifier corrector
- plugs on input board
DAC module
Mutibit DAC with AES/SPDIF/TOSLINK/USB/BT4.0 inputs
Streaming add on for DAC
ROON, TIDAL, UPnP, AirPlay streaming via wired network
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High-End-Box mit Wavecor und Mundorf AMT

Die Lucy-Serie vom Lautsprechershop gibt es nun schon eine ganze Weile – sie vereint eine Reihe von Boxen, die in irgendeiner Form modernen Wohnumgebungen besonders gut entsprechen. Die neueste Kreation ist ein weiteres Mal eine besonders schmale Box.

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