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Kategorie: Soundprozessoren

Ausstattungsliste: Zapco ASP-Q1

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Features and Functions
Five bands of Parametric Equalization Since no two cars are the same, there is no way for us to know exactly where the center points need to be in any particular car.
The ASP-Q1 lets you vary the center point of each of your 5 EQ bands to put the correction exactly where you need it to custom tune your system to your car.
Variable 18dB/octave electronic crossover There are 4 crossover filters on the ASP-Q1. You can only 3 filters to configure a 2-way system with a sub woofer and front and rear speakers with high pass or full range and fade front to back from the EQ.
You can also use all 4 filters and confiigure an active 3-way system with a woofer, a band passed midrange, and a high pass for tweeter.
Separate Bass Control Bass output is controlled separately. The bass lever lets you balance the bass to the highes.
As well as the crossover filter for the bass there is a bass phase control to adjust the phase of the bass signal from 0 to 180 degrees to help align the bass wave to the rest of the system.
Auxiliary input The ASP-Q1 has an auxiliary input so you can play from another in-car source ro from a portable player.
Input gain controls Each channel of both main and Auxiliary input has its own input signal adjustment.
Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs The ASP-Q1 can accept either balanced inputs, with a Bal/UnBal switch for Main-in and Aux-in.
Tiffany style panel mount RCA connectors These give positive, trouble free RCA signal connection
High voltage power supply The ASP-Q1 has a remote high voltage power supply for or a true 9.5 Volt RMS preamp output.
Type Dash Mount EQ with 3-Way Crossover
THD < 0.001%THD
Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB
Stereo Separation 92dB
Headroom 20dB
Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak
Dimensions (mm) 121(W, w/RCA) x 25.5(H) x 176(L)
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Auna Silver Star CD Cube

Wer nicht nur seine eigene Musik oder den Einheitsbrei des UKW-Radios hören möchte, ist mit einem Internetradio-Empfänger gut beraten. Wir haben uns das Silver Star CD Cube von Auna näher angehört.

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