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Topthema: Raumakustik verbessern - durch Schallabsorber

Kategorie: Subwoofer (Home)

Ausstattungsliste: Cadence CSX12 Mark II

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Product Description 12" Home Theater Subwoofer
Cabinet Specifications
Hand Polished Gloss Black Piano Finish Front Baffle
¾” High Density MDF Fiber Construction
Bonded and Braced at All Critical Joints, Engineered to Dampen and Eliminate All Vibration for Transparent and Accurate Bass Reproduction
Front Firing Subwoofer with “Computer Tuned Bass-Reflex Port System”
Black Wood Gain Cabinet Finish with Spiked Footings and Floor Protection Casters
Subwoofer Specifications
High Power 12” Subwoofer
2” Four-Layer DuPont Kapton Voice Coil Former
90 oz Heavy Duty Magnet Motor Structure
Extended Pole Piece Technology
Vented and Extended Magnet Back Plate
Double Laminated Surround and Dual Spider Suspension System
Cabinet / Woofer Frequency Response: 25 – 250Hz
Amplifier Specifications
Built-in Linear Class A 450 Watt Dynamic Power Amplifier
RMS Amplifier Power: 225 Watts @
Subwoofer Multi-Link with Master / Slave Control for Subwoofer Daisy Chaining
High Current Output Stage Utilizing 6 Ring Emitter Technology Sanken Studio Grade Japanese Transistors
Lowest Mains Buzz of Any Subwoofer on the Market, Guaranteed!
High Damping Factor: >400 @ 80Hz for Superior Subwoofer Control
33K Ohm Input Impedance which Prevents Input Signal Loss and Ensures Distortion Free Signal Transfer
High Grade, Minimal Loss, Tiffany Style Low Level RCA Input Jacks
Auto Start Turn-On / Turn-Off with Audio Signal 1mV Sensitivity
Fully Adjustable Phase Control 0° - 180°
Fully Adjustable Low Pass Subwoofer Crossover Frequency Control: 40Hz – 120Hz @ 12dB per Octave
Fully Adjustable Bass Boost Equalizer 0dB to +12dB @ 50Hz
Independent Sub Bass Volume Control
Crossover Bypass Switch for Full Range Unit Operation Option with External Crossover
Slew Rate 80 Volts per uS in Full Range
Amplifier Frequency Response: 10 – 120Hz +/-3dB LP (10Hz – 500Hz Bypass)
Signal / Noise Ratio: >110dB+
LED Power On Indicator
110 / 220 Voltage Selector
Cabinet Size (W x D x H): 17.75” x 18.25” x 20” (450 x 460 x 510mm)
Unit Weight: 67.25 lbs / 30.5 kg
2 Year Warranty