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Ausstattung & technische Daten
Application note
Bucking magnets mounted on the back of the motor system are used to achieve semi magnetic shielding and/or higher magnetic flux density in the air gap.
The bucking magnet must repel the motor system - this is important.
However, when it comes close to the back plate of the motor system it will catch, so mind your fingers.
Use a 2-component adhesive intended for ceramics and metal.
Drops of super glue may be used to fix the magnet while the adhesive hardens.
Attention: Mind your fingers when handling magnets!
Part no. 107001 Dimensions [mm] 90 x 42 x 17 / Net weight [kg] 0.4
Part no. 107002 Dimensions [mm] 102 x 51 x 18 / Net weight [kg] 0.53
Part no. 107003 Dimensions [mm] 102 x 57 x 24 (two 12 mm magnets glued together) / Net weight [kg] 0.65
Part no. 107004 Dimensions [mm] 110 x 45 x 18 / Net weight [kg] 0.69
Part no. 107005 Dimensions [mm] 121 x 57 x 24 / Net weight [kg] 1.02
- All magnets are magnetized in the symmetry axis direction.
Optimum magnets for semi shielding Model Magnet part no. Increase in Bl 3 Gauss limit [mm]*
Model 15W (large motor) 18W (Revelator)
Magnet part no. 107003
Increase in Bl 3 %
3 Gauss limit [mm]* 195
Model 18W (older type)
Magnet part no. 107002
Increase in Bl 3 %
3 Gauss limit [mm]* 195
Model 21W 25W
Magnet part no. 107004
Increase in Bl 3,5 %
3 Gauss limit [mm]* 195
* Measured radially from the centre axis of the motor system.
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