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Heimisches Kinozimmer Luxuriöses Heimkino modern und bezahlbar

Die hochwertigen Sessel und Sofas der Serie "Matera" von Sofanella schaffen ein gemütliches und bequemes Heimkinoerlebnis.

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Kategorie: Endstufen

Ausstattungsliste: Krell Evolution One



Ausstattung & technische Daten
Technische Daten
Newly redesigned Evolution Plateau Bias System features 12 individual bias levels for optimum performance and effi ciency.
A proprietary bias monitor continuously measures and adjusts the output stage bias, insuring a lifetime of accuracy.
Housed in a separate chassis, the power supply makes use of extensive electrical and magnetic shielding to keep radiated interference out of critical amplifi er circuits.
Internal high current line conditioning circuitry fi lters RF noise on the AC mains, as well as compensating for asymmetric power waveforms and DC on the mains.
Advanced microprocessor control monitors critical operational parameters.
Bias, load impedance, regulator output voltages and operating temperature are all continuously monitored.
All signal gain is realized in the current domain using proprietary multiple-output current mirrors with extraordinary open loop linearity
The signal path is fully complementary and fully balanced from input to output, featuring Krell Current Mode and CAST circuitry.
The amplifi er employs no global negative feedback, and the fi nal gain stages use only 8 dB of local, nested, negative feedback. This is one fi ve-hundredth the amount used in most solid-state power amplifi ers. The result is an extraordinarily open, liqu
The rails powering the amplifi er ís low level and gain stages are regulated twice for total immunity from fl uctuations in the AC mains and virtually noise-free output.
All the regulators are located in the amplifi er chassis to provide ultra low impedance supply rails for the audio circuitry.
Offered in diamond-cut silver or luxurious black finish.
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