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Type Unique Hybrid Modular Amplification System
Analog Inputs and Outputs for Control Unit Three Single Ended RCA inputs with top line Furutech connectors.
One Balanced input with top line Furutech XLR connectors.
Input impedance 12,000 Ohms.
Input sensitivity – 1.2V RMS to full rated power output.
Balanced 5-pin signal output for connecting the Power Units.
Analog Inputs and Outputs for Power Units Balanced 5-pin signal input for connecting to the Control Unit.
Signal and control outputs for connecting additional Upgrade Power Unit.
Two pairs speaker outputs for bi-wiring with top line Furutech connectors.
Output power rating – 400W at 4 Ohms per channel.
Available output current before clipping – 52 Amperes per channel.
Amplification System expansion Capable of adding one more Upgrade Power Unit per channel.
Note! Upgrade Power Units do not contain power supply for the tubes.
Speaker Protection Intelligent Microprocessor controlled speaker and system protection.
Power supply, temperature and speaker outputs monitoring.
Special mechanical-contacts-free power signal switching devices.
Power input and fuses IEC power inlets made by Furutech NCF series for Power Units.
IEC power inlet with integrated switch and fuse for Control Unit.
Note! Control Unit does not require a high-grade power cable.
120V or 230V / 50-60Hz, factory pre-set.
Note! Other power input voltages available on request.
2A and 5A special Gold fuses by AMR for the Power Units.
0.1A fuse for Control Unit.
7-pin connectors for tube power between PU and CU for each channel.
Dimensions and weight Control Unit W435 x H130 x D360 millimeters.
Front panel width – 450 millimeters.
Height with feet – 160 millimeters.
19kg unpacked.
Dimensions and weight Power Units W450 x H130 x D410 millimeters
Height with feet – 160 millimeters
40kg each, unpacked
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Topthema: High End-Standbox zum kleinen Preis
Harwood Acoustics Stand Up

Schlank und rank soll die Standbox sein und natürlich extrem tief in den Basskeller hinabreichen, bei gleichzeitig hoher Dynamik – kurz: Die eierlegende Wollmillchsau. Eine Lösung gibt es hierfür, auch wenn manche schon bei dem Wort zusammenzucken: Seitenbass.

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