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Kategorie: Endstufen

Ausstattungsliste: Atmasphere MA-2

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Balanced Differential Design®
Class-A operation
Patented Circlotronic® direct-coupled (OTL) output stage
Automatic bias, so no adjustment is needed
Built in VU meter for tube and output monitoring
Copper foil V-Cap Teflon coupling caps
Easily monostrapped for greatly increased power
Standby switch for long output tube life
Dual AC power circuits for each chassis
Uses only one gain stage for simplicity and clarity of sound
Proprietary precision components used throughout
Low-noise "star" grounding topology
Fully hand-wired point-to-point electronics - no circuit boards!
Stable with all input and load conditions
Exclusively uses Octal-Triode based vacuum tubes
Output power 220 watts per channel into a 4, 8, or 16 Ω load before clipping
Impedance Input Impedance: 100 KΩ single-ended, 200 KΩ balanced - selectable to 600 Ω
Output Impedance: ~1.75 Ω ( open loop )
Input Selectable up to 600 Ω
2.8 V sensitivity
RCA and XLR true balanced input
Tube complement ( per channel ) 20 x 6AS7G output tube
6 x 6SN7 driver tube
Gain 26dB ( for 8 Ω )
Power Bandwidth 2Hz-150KHz within 1/2 dB
Frequency response ( 1 watt, open loop ) 20 Hz squarewave Tilt; unmeasureable 1Hz-200KHz within 3 dB
Distortion Total Harmonic Distortion ( THD ) typically 1% at full power
Intermodulation ( IM ) distortion typically under .04% at full power
Phase shift less than 1° @ 20KHz
Output section 600 V/µs
Feedback 2 dB
Power consumption 800 watts/channel
Power Supply Current 80 Amps/channel
Power Supply storage ( per channel ) 1200 Joules in output section, 100 Joules in Driver supply
Dimensions ( per chassis ) 28" deep x 17" wide x 10" tall ( 71 x 43 x 25 cm )
Weight ( per chassis, without tubes ) 103 lbs ( 46.7 kg )
Warranty Three year general coverage
One year for output tubes
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