Kategorie: In-Car-Lautsprecher 13cm

Ausstattungsliste: Mutant MTHA5

Ausstattung & technische Daten
High Gloss Polypropylene Cone:
With High Gloss PU surround to compliment the rose gold tweeter housing and detailing, and give superior cone control and linear travel for improved clarity.
Heavy Pressed Basket:
Providing a solid mounting for the motor structure to ensure clean undistorted bass.
Titanium Dome Tweeters:
Giving superb high end fidelity without distortion right up to 20K. This means less listening fatigue at higher levels and for a longer period of time.
Bullet Phase Plug:
Fitted on component woofers to reduce phase cancellation and create a more powerful mid bass region.
Swivel Multi-Mount Tweeter:
Component speaker sets feature swivel mount tweeters to enable the perfect tweeter adjustment to suit your vehicle.
The 3 way selectable mounting of component tweeter allows for Custom or factory fitted integration, and the dual Concentric Tweeter Mounting on Coaxial Versions gives more focussed sound source and better imaging.
High Gloss PU Surround:
Improves excursion linearity and power handling.
Size 5.25"
Tweeter Size 28.5mm
Cone High Gloss IMPP Cone
Magnet 10 oz
Voice Coil 30.5mm
Voice Coil Material KSV
RMS Power 35W
Max Power 70W
Peak Power 140W
Frequency Response 50HZ-20KHZ
Sensitivity 86.5dB
Impedance 4 ohm
Type Coaxial
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Topthema: Micro-Endstufe mit vier Kanälen
Audio System X-100.4 MD

Kleine Digitalendstufen finden wir bei Audio System als leistungsfähige Amps in der X-Serie und als superkleine Micro-Amps in der M-Serie. Jetzt kommt mit der X-100.4 MD eine superkleine X-Endstufe mit Anspruch auf richtig Leistung.

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