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Kategorie: Lautsprecher Stereo

Ausstattungsliste: 47 Lab Konus Audio Essence Speaker System

Made by 47 Lab`s European distributor, Sead Lejlic of Konus Audio, "Essence" incorporates Jordan 4" fullrange unit in a transmission-line cabinet. 
The whole cabinet is dipped into a bath of resin after the construction to achieve the maximum ridgidity. Then a thick, beautiful Bosnian Pine veneer is applied over it, followed by 6 coats (!) of lacquer. The color of the wood grain becomes richer and darker by time. Each cabinet is handmade by proud Bosnian craftsmen.
Natural and coherent sound with unbelievable bass extention for such a small driver. Without crossover network and a stable 8 ohm load, it is an easy drive for an amplifier. Great combination with 47 Lab amplifiers. 

Junji Kimura`s reference speaker.

Ausstattung & technische Daten
86dB m/W
impedance 8 ohm