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Kategorie: Lautsprecher Stereo

Ausstattungsliste: Audio Pro Living LV2e

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Type Powered wireless loudspeaker system with DSP, 2 way bass reflex cabinet
Amplifier 2 x 25W + 2 x 25 W (digital Class D)
Adaptive biquad coefficients for EQ and DRC filters.
Thermal and short-circuit protection.
High damping factor provides more accurate soundreproduction.
Tweeter 1” soft dome
Woofer aluminium 4.5”
Frequency range 45 – 22.000 Hz
Crossover frequency 4000 Hz (24dB/octave L/R)
Dimensions H 210 mm, W 145 mm, D 180 mm
Features -Superior high end sound, tailormade digital amplifier
-Built-in wireless receiver in each speaker
-2x25 W Class D amplifier in each speaker
-Luxorious encasing in white or black leather
-Wireless full CD quality sound
-Remote control for master and zone volume
-Easy setup, get wireless music in seconds
-Range indoors: room to room up to 20 m
-Range indoors: same room up to 50 m
-Range open field: up to 100 m
-No interference or audible delays
-Works with both Mac and PC
-Plug ‘n play, no software needed
-Flexible multiroom possibilities
-RF band: 2.4 GHz
-Sample rate: 48 KHz
-Dedicated proprietary protocol network