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Custom designed blue Vacuum Fluorescent display Clear indication of frequency and preset number, or station name when RDS present, plus icons to indicate signal and tuning status.
Large rotary tuning control Simple and ergonomic tuning and access to preset stations.
High quality 4-gang FM tuner front-end Ensures clear reception of desired signal while rejecting interference at other frequencies.
Advanced PLL stereo decoder includes adjacent channel interference rejection function Produces clean stereo with excellent imaging and rejects interference from adjacent channels which the front end and IF filter cannot.
High quality AM tuner Listen to stations not available on FM.
Discrete Class A push-pull buffer amplifier on audio output Provides a low output impedance and high drive capability so that MXT4000 can drive any combination of interconnect cable and amplifier input.
5 separately regulated low-noise power supplies Each section of the tuner operates at its best and without interacting with the others.
Ultra-stable built-in clock Provides reliable alarm function when linked to Smart My-Link amplifier such as MXI2080.
Up to 39 FM and 19 AM stations can be preset and stored in permanent memory All your favourite stations can be accessed directly.
Simple and intuitive operation and controls Ease of use.
Smart My-Link® communications bus Intelligent system operation.
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Topthema: Norddeutsche HiFi–Tage 2022
Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage am 20. und 21.08.22 im Privathotel Lindtner, Hamburg.

Es wird allerhöchste Zeit! Nach dem pandemiebedingten Ausfall im letzten Jahr und Anfang diesen Jahres starten die Norddeutschen HiFi-Tage 2022 mit sommerlichem Elan im August durch.

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