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Topthema: Raumakustik verbessern - durch Schallabsorber

Kategorie: Zubehör HiFi

Ausstattungsliste: CH Precision T1

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Type Clock Generator
Nominal frequency 10MHz, +/-20ppb typical, factory adjusted
Tuning range +/-1ppm via 1PPS input
External 1PPS Input
Input level 100mV to 5V peak to peak
Input impedance 75Ω, BNC coaxial connector
10MHz Outputs
Output level 1V or 500mV, peak to peak, loaded with 75Ω termination, adjustable for each output
Digital supplies Over- and under-voltage rails check Over-current monitoring
Waveform type Sine or Square wave, adjustable for each output
Output impedance 75Ω, 6x BNC coaxial connectors
Display 480x272 pixels, 24bits color, AMOLED
Mains operation Selectable 100V, 115, 230V AC, 47-63Hz
Power supply consumption <1W (standby), 100W max in operation
Dimensions/Weight 440 x 440 x 133mm (W x D x H), 26kg
Remote control Ethernet based system control via the Android CH Control App