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Topthema: Raumakustik verbessern - Schallabsorber einsetzen
Topthema: Pure Eleganz

Kategorie: Car-HiFi Endstufe Mono

Ausstattungsliste: Crunch PZ2500.1

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Features SEPP (Single Ended Push Pull) A/B Class Amplifier Designs
All 2-Channel and 4-Channel Feature Bridgeable Designs
Carbon Fiber effect body
Chrome CRUNCH Logo
Rugged MOSFET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply for Instant Maxx Power Output
1-Ohm Capable A/B Class Mono Block Amps
2-Ohm Capable A/B Class 2/4-Channel Amps
4-Channel Amps Configure to 3-Channel Right and Left and Sub or 2-Channel Mono Bridged Mode
Hi-Level Speaker Lead Inputs on 2/4-Channel Amps
Silver Preamp Level RCA Inputs
Daisy-Chain Line Outputs
Mono Blocks Include a Remote Bass Control
Oversized Speaker Terminals
SPEED-FETS, High-Speed MOSFET Output devices
Amp Protection with System Diagnostics LED’s to Protect Against:Current / Amperage Overload, Short Circuits, Thermal Overload,DC Offset
1-Ohm 2500 x 1
2-Ohm 1250 x 1
4-Ohm 625 x 1
Mono Bridged @ 4-Ohms N/A
W-9.53” H-2.13” Length- 17.72”