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Ausstattungsliste: Aerial Acoustics 20T V2

Ausstattung & technische Daten
Frequency Response 25Hz to 35kHz ±2dB. -8dB at 22Hz and 40kHz
Sensitivity 90dB at 2.83 Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis
Impedance 4Ω nominal, 2.8Ω minimum, low reactance
Power Requirement 50 to 800 watts (8Ω rating) recommended
Woofers Two 8.9″ (225mm) cast magnesium alloy frame drivers, Rohacell® core cones with carbon & glass fiber surfaces, Massive vented magnet structures, 2.0″, (51mm) diameter ultra-linear long-stroke coils
Midrange 7.1″ (180mm) cast magnesium alloy frame driver, Carbon filament reinforced damped composite cone, Large magnet structure with vented machined pole piece, 1.6″ (40mm) diameter linear stroke coil
Tweeter 4.1″ (105mm) 5 micron pure aluminum ribbon, Precision cast aluminum waveguide, Massive ultra-high Gauss neodymium magnet structure, High-power, self-aligning diaphragm, Acoustically damped tapered rear chamber
Crossovers 300Hz and 3.5kHz at 24 B per octave Linkwitz-Riley, Large independent networks on glass-epoxy PCBs, High-purity copper wiring with Teflon™ insulation, Ultra-premium passive components. Silver solder
Cabinet Compound constrained layer damped 2″ thick walls, Isolated, individually-optimized bass and head enclosures, Extensive interlocked bracing. Tongue and groove joints,
Mirror-imaged matched pairs in fine architectural veneers Limited edition exotic veneers and high gloss finishes
Connections Four gold-plated WBT binding posts with copper jumpers, Bi-wire and bi-amp capable. Head unit cable included
Included Bases Laser-cut solid steel bases including stainless steel spikes, machined hardware, and floor protectors, Gold, silver, or black finishes
Dimensions HWD Head cabinet: 15.4 × 10.7 × 22.5″ (390 × 272 × 572mm)
Bass Cabinet: 29.1 x 12.6 x 22.5″ (740 × 320 × 572mm)
Assembled: 47.0 × 12.6 × 22.5″ (1194 × 320 × 572mm)
Weight each 252lbs (115kg)
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ePaper Jahres-Archive, z.B. Heimkino

ePaper Jahres-Archive, z.B. Heimkino
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High-End-Standbox mit ESS AMT

Mit diesen Chassis wollte ich schon immer mal etwas bauen. Dass ich sie allerdings jemals zusammen in einer Box haben würde, hätte ich dann doch wieder nicht erwartet – dass das Ganze so gut werden würde, dann schon eher.

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